Ronit Lentin

Ronit Lentin

Ronit Lentin is a political sociologist and writer, a senior lecturer in Sociology, director of the MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies (http://www.ethnicracialstudies.net/), and founder member of the Trinity Immigration Initiative, Trinity College Dublin, and an antiracist activist.

She has published extensively on racism in Ireland, gender and racism, and Israel-Palestine. Among her books are Gender and Catastrophe (2007), Racism and Antiracism in Ireland (with Robbie McVeigh, 2002), Women and the Politics of Military Confrontation: Palestinian and Israeli Gendered Narratives of Dislocation (with Nahla Abdo, 2002), Race and State (with Alana Lentin, 2006), After Optimism: Ireland, Racism and Globalisation (with Robbie McVeigh, 2006), Performing Global Networks (with Karen Fricker 2007), and Thinking Palestine (2008).


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